Family restaurant 
902 724-0311 for take out and delivery 

LOCAL 311 
311 market st Summerisde PH: 902 724-0311

Eat Drink Play

Home style cooking 

95% or our items are made in house, our menu is a flavorful one.

 Local takes pride in claiming the best breakfast in town, Burgers you have to see to believe , and fish and chips that have their very own hashtag.

Don't worry, there are many other items on our menu, and a seniors menu, and kids menu will ensure everyone has a good pick!

Wines to Ciders 

From local micro brews, to your favorite cider, we will give all you after work crew someplace to relax, and socialize.

Best smiles in PEI

Book your get together at Local and let our team take care of you.
From Xmas parties for 75, or a table for 4 celebrating your mothers 65th, we have you covered 


Local 311 was developed with the vision of adding a total experience with your food! Founded by Billy Mackendrick, he decided he wanted to offer a service that is like no other in the area. 

Going away from the trend of reheating, Local is gone back to the home cooking style that many look for when picking their night out.

Billy Mackendrick comes from a history of running restaurants in Sao Paulo Brazil, from high end to your avg Joe eatery.

Our flavors are common, but we use only the best ingredients on our plates, from grass fed beef, to Locally grown Island potatoes, making sure we know every item in your meal.

"I look forward to bringing a new concept here to Summerside, where great food is always accompanied with a great atmosphere, and a unique experience".

                                                                              -Billy M-